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The International Emu Association

IEAD51aR01aP01ZL-Coolidge1a_smlAn exciting new global Emu Association has taken the “status quo” Emu industry by storm. Previously, refining specifications have given little importance to purity, efficacy and consumer safety issues. With the creation of the International Emu Association the main emphases has been shifted to purity and consumer safety. Judging from responses to the creation, these changes are long overdue. If you want to participate in an all inclusive and transparent Emu association, or if you are simply looking to purchase our Emu oil with standards not limited to shelf-life, The IEA offers what you have been searching for.  For more specific information please visit www.InternationalEmuAssociation.org and click on IEA Standards for Fully Refined Pure Emu Oil and Production Procedural Rules.