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Safety and quality have long been an issue with regard to Emu oil. Over the years, consumers did not question safety and quality. Recently an industry certification program was set up and used by several companies as a way to further sales of emu oil in the marketplace. At that point, consumers began to question: “Am I buying a safe product?”

BulkEmuOil.com and Longview Farms decided it prudent to undertake a study and analysis of several brands of Emu oil and compare it to our Molecular Distilled oil. Molecular Distillation has been used by many companies to ensure purity and quality of animal and plant oils, and is used today by such large corporations as ADM. We now use and offer for sale our HMD (Headland Molecular Distillation) Brand Molecular Distilled Emu oil, and we agree with major nutritional supplement companies that it offers the purest, safest oil available to consumers.

Below are results of studies conducted on three different brands of Emu oil, two of which are American Emu Association (AEA) Certified Fully Refined Emu oil. The results came as a surprise to all those witnessing these tests; we think you will be surprised, too. This private Study was witnessed by two of our competitors: Emu Miracles of AL, and Premier Marketing of AL, along with employees of Emu Miracles. At least 6 individuals witnessed the impurities found in these oils and can attest to the findings.

Longview Farms purchased 5 gallons of what was reported to be 100% Fully Refined Emu oil from each of three different sources. The first sample was from a processor in Tennessee, the second, from a processor in Texas, and the third, from an importer of Australian oil in Midwest City, OK.

The goal of the exercise was to refine each individual purchase of oil by Molecular Distillation to determine if undesirable impurities could be extracted and thereby make the conventionally processed oils more pure. It is noted that the oil was run through the Still “as it was received”, and not re-refined in any way. Further, after the elimination of the impurities, we could then determine the net purity yield of these conventionally processed oils. The logic behind this exercise is that sophisticated OEM (Other End Manufacturers) purchasers need to determine in advance the total cost to produce a high quality product that is void of impurities.

The Molecular Distillation process cannot remove essential and non-essential fatty acids; the process can only remove unwanted free fatty acids, contaminants, floating objects, odor masking agents, preservatives and moisture. Typically, the removal of these impurities are trapped within discharge points of the Still or they are vented to the exterior of the facility in a steam form. The distilled oil’s loss of these impurities is measured in weight by the reduction in net weights between “prior” and “post” distillation. No finished refined oil remains within the distillation equipment. Pre and Post samples of all oils were pulled for Laboratory testing. Results are below.

We have reduced our findings to the information outlined below, for ease of reading:



**Indicates does not meet AEA industry Standards / Trade Rules

The first and second tests involved emu oil that used to be considered the best and purest that our industry had to offer (AEA Certified Fully Refined). These experiments were made to determine if significant amounts of impurities could be removed from emu oil that has been “conventionally” refined, and they were removed. We also needed to determine the costs involved. This further purifying process (Molecular Distillation) is essential if we ever hope to take emu oil beyond skin moisturizing. Some emu oil on the market appears to have a need for re-refining prior to Molecular Distillation for it to meet the stringent specs set by Longview Farms. There is a market for emu oil that does not contain impurities, we just have to prove to our critics that we are capable of producing it. We now have the means to prove it. If you could witness first hand the RESIDUE, impurities and stench that we have extracted from these tests, you could understand why some critics may be reluctant to allow emu oil into the medical society. The technology of the Molecular Still now gives us the credibility that we so desperately need.

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