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Buy It, Try It, Love It!

EMU OIL- Buy It, Try It, Love It!  That is our trade mark here at BulkEmuOil.com and Longview Farms.  We have been supplying the world with quality wholesale Emu oil for over 23 years, with many satisfied customers.  With advances constantly being made, we once again lead the market by offering the purest and safest Emu oil available on the market today as a top cosmetic ingredient.  Our Emu oil is refined, sterilized, deodorized, Molecularly Distilled and exceeds all industry standards for certified Emu oil. ~  It is the best of the best emollient.  Each batch is issued a Certificate of Analysis by an independent laboratory that is approved by the American Oil Chemists Society (AOCS) to ensure quality, consumer safety, wholeness and purity.  We ship Emu oil worldwide.  We offer wholesale Bulk Emu Oil in a variety of sizes.