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We keep it simple.  You want quality Emu oil for your business - we provide it.

All our Emu oil exceeds industry standards.  It is refined, sterilized, deodorized, and if requested, molecularly distilledt o remove contaminants such as heavy metals, herbicides, pesticides, arsenic and other toxins .

Each order comes with a Certificate of Analysis and any number of documents you may request.


WE HAVE OVER 18,000 CUSTOMERS WORLD-WIDE and have been supplying the best Emu oil on the market for over 20 years.  If we didn't offer a quality product, we would have been out of business years ago.

1.  Emu oil is a “tissue nutrient” which feeds the skin, helping it to become healthy. Skin care companies throughout the world are now discovering that all-natural emollient and the healthy benefits it offers. 

2.  Emu oil penetrates deep within the dermis, Emu oil does not clog skin pores, like synthetic oils. 

3.  Emu oil is hypo-allergenic. 

4.  Emu oil has natural anti-inflammatory properties and is an excellent additive for pain relief, arthritis and sports injury topical rub products.  Emu oil is an excellent substance for Atopy, eczema, psoriasis and overly-dry skin. 

5.  We offer our 100% pure Emu oil in three versions; Whole Emu oil, Clear (triple refined) Emu oil and our heavier Emu Paste/Cream.  Wholesale prices that cannot be beat!

6.  As a dietary supplement, Emu oil helps provide a healthy body from the inside out.  Consumers tell us our Emu oil gel caps have helped to relieve colitis, crohns, diverticulitus, IBD and IBS.  We sell our Emu Oil Gel Capsules in bulk and/or bottled, as well.


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